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Alumni Association

Date of Establishment : 11th March, 2004


President Prin. Dr. Radhika Inamdar
Vice - President Prof.Dr. Smita Phatak
Secretary Dr. Bhushan Patil,
( Principal, Azam College of Education, Pune)
Prof. Dr. D.K. Chavan
Prof. Dr. V.F.Dhamne
Prof. Sandeep Tilekar
Shri. Hemant Patil
Treasurer Prof. S.G. Isave

Every year a formal programme is organized for all past students on the special occasion of Makar Sankranti.

Objectives of Alumni Association

  • To create and improve the inter-relation between Past Students and the Institute.
  • To make efforts for educational, cultural and professional development of present and past students of the Institute.
  • To help and cooperate for the progress of the Institute.
  • To provide job opportunities for the present and past students.
  • To organize different social programmes and to orient the past students about the new trends in education.
  • To publish Souvenir of the Association.